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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. developing news, the amber alert and massive manhunt is over. an accused kidnapper is dead and his 16-year-old victim safe after the fbi moves in. good evening, i'm ken pritchett in tonight for kepwayne. >> and ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> we're following developing news in the search for this missing southern california teen that triggered a five- state amber alert and comes to a dramatic end in idaho, where an fbi technical agent shot and
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killed the teen's alleged abductor. 16-year-old hannah anderson was unharmed during the rescue and tonight is the at hospital in idaho. earlier today the fbi joined local and state officials in a remote area of that state, searching for anderson and the man suspected of fleeing with the teen after killing her mother and young brother. the neary weeklong search for the 16-year-old seen from san diego county and her suspected kidnapper concluded this afternoon in steep, rugged terrain known as the frank church river of no return wilderness in idaho. >> i am pleased to stand here today and say that hannah has successfully rescued. >> her alleged kidnapper 40- year-old james lee dimaggio shot and killed by federal agents. law enforcement refusing tonight to share details of the deadly confrontation, hannah's father expressed bittersweet relief. >> i have very mixed emotions.
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i am ecstatic my daughter will be reunitedded and i'm still saddened for my wife and son and i'm worried what my daughter has been put through. >> her life will be forever dangered, dimaggio a long time friend her family is suspected of killing hannah's mother and her 8-year-old brother ethan. their charred remains were found many dimaggio's house in san diego county last sunday night. >> specialists are working with hannah and her family so get the resources that they need as they enter this next challenging phase. >> more than 100 officers descended into the id wilderness after a group of people returning from a horseback ride told investigators that they spotted dimaggio and the teen backpacking there on wednesday. and friends of dimaggio say today marks the 15th anniversary of his familiar's
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suicide and say perhaps this is what he wants. >> to our continuing coverage of the bart labor talks. both side returning to the bargaining tables and while commuters don't have to worry about a coming strike, there was pressure for both sides to reach an agreement if a deal is not made tomorrow morning, governor brown will ask for a 60-day cooling-off period before a judge in san francisco tomorrow morning. if it does not -- if it does take place, it will be the first time since the court opened in 1998 that it has been opened on a weekend to accommodate a weekend hearing. patti lee from oakland where both sides have been talking for most of the day. >> that is right ken and so far not much to show for it. the two sides are still about $60 million when it controls to salary increases and despite this looming sunday morning deadline, both sides say they
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are cautiously optimistic. little forward movement in the bart negotiations today, despite hours of talk. >> the unions are offered to make some moves, but we're waiting to see what bart's response it. that will really be indicative of whether or not we'll get a resolution this weekend or not. >> we caught up with union negotiator chris finn, described the atmosphere as tense, even though a monday strike has been averted. >> we want to get a deal and sometimes when those things happen and you are given more time, you kind of take your foot off the gas and we're ready to put it to the floor and get the job done. we want the deal done today. >> reporter: we learned there is some movement in the discussion with union seiu, but it may not be enough to keep san francisco superiority from considering the governor's request for a 60- day coolingoff period. >> i support the governor intervening. we can't afford another shut down. oakland mayor jean quan says averting a strike is vital for
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the bay area's economy. >> this is what? the third delay, 60 days we hope will do it this time. >> reporter: bart riders also tell us this their patience is running thing. >> c'mon in time is up. it's time for this to come to an agreement. >> reporter: tonight we're still waiting to hear from bart. we haven't seen their negotiators out here tonight and they haven't returned phone call and we're not alluded inside this building where negotiations are still going on right now. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the proposals by both sides bart has offered a 9% raise over four years. compared to the union's 15% raise over three years. bart would have employees contribute 2% of their pensions in the first year, with increases after that. the unions want a net .are 5% contribution after a separate raise. and bart would cap its health insurance construction to basic plans while the union
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wants to limit employee contributions to 5% increases each year over the current contribution. stay request ktvu and for the latest on the bart negotiations and sign up for breaking news alerts and we're posting updates on-face and twitter. authorities say it will probably be monday before they release the identity of a woman whose body was curing the search for missing oakland woman with sandra coke. the 50-year-old federal investigator has been missing now since sunday. oakland police have identified this man, randy alana as a person interest in the case coke's friends say the two dated briefly 20 years ago and he had recently reappeared in her life. developing news tonight from southern california, where governor brown today declared a state of millimeter for the area affected by the silver fire. kal fire says the fire has burned 19,000 acres since it
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start wednesday near the riverside county community of banning. flames are destroyed 26 homes and one commercial building. evacuation orders are still in effect in some areas. although officials started letting some people go back to their homes yesterday. >> this is the first time i have been here since it happened. i was flying out of here three days ago and it was pretty devastating. >> firefighters say they have the fire 70% contained and the cause of fire has not been released. activists and friends rallied to support a long time san francisco resident now threatened with eviction. theral arely at tenant's union was for renter jeremy mikaels who has aids and lived in his rent controlled participant into the castro for 1 years. last september mic ale was served with an ellis eviction, giving him a year to move out while the building is converted. >> for me to move, i wouldn't
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afard to stay living in the city. so i'm pretty much fighting to stay in my rent-controlled apartment and to stay close to my doctors who have kept me alive this long. >> mikaels says the state law is being used to evict the elderliment one of the new owners in the building reportedly said he made a offer to buy out mikaels. >> the verdict on freedom has not yet been returned in most of the world, the jury is still out. they are looking at us and we must make the case. >> justiceind spoke at the american bar association convention in san francisco in a wide ranging speech he also said heads of state must set aside their differences to work to end human trafficking. continuing our back to school coverage, emergency responders in the east bay were busy getting ready for the
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start of the new school year, but as you see here, they prepared in a different way. the san leandro high was the scene of a planned coordinated catastrophe. it was a training drill part of an ongoing effort to keep students safe, ann rubin was there and shows us thereave life situations that played out on campus. >> shots fired. >> reporter: inside san leandro high school, first-responders rush in as gunfire rings out. while the gunman aren't real, the response is. >> basically every shot could be a life. >> reporter: school shootings like at sandy hook have changed how police and paramedics react. now they don't wait outside for s.w.a.t. teams to arrive. it's often patrol units heading in first. >> we're moving in quicker and we're doing it all together. >> reporter: that is why they say training is more important than ever, in
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fact, san leandro police and alameda county fire have never done an exercise on this scale before. student volunteers played the victims. >> it really gets you going and you just sit there and you are almost starting to think what if this was actually happening? >> to try to get everybody outside. >> the san leandro superintendent says he was happy to help, too, giving first-responders a venue to perfect skills that they hope they never have to use. >> we hope it never happens, but if it does, better to take a proactive approach. >> first responders will spend hours more reviewing videotape of it and they are trying to perfect the skills and hope they verve have to use them. in san leandro, ann rubeyun, ktvu . our web team has put together a special back to school section at there you will find start dates for all bay area school districts, ways to save on school supplies and a lot more.
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look for the back to school link at top our homepage. a warning from passenger, the simple and free accept they are asking people to do to prevent an increasingly common problem. >> it's not the pirates of the caribbean, but a gun buyback. it's a story you will only see on 2, the gift of mobility. the good samaritan that is helping this dog move again after thieves swiped his specially designed wheelchair.
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. dozens guns now off ths o all thanks to a gun buyback funded by an organization for the city's youth. as with many gun buybacks residents turned in hpds and other old firearms, but as ktvu's john sasaki reports there was significant and illegal fire power turned in as well. >> reporter: east oakland's oasis for at- risk young people was site of an participate cite fighting effort and everyone came armed. this gun buyback program offered $100 for each gun, $200 if it was an assault weapon. >> my husband's cousin gave them to a long time ago and my husband died. i don't need them. >> reporter: accidental shootings in the home are a big concern. >> it would take away the opportunity for my child to hurt anyone or anyone in my house to hurt anyone. >> most of the youth volunteers know all too well
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the impact of gun violence. >> i have at least ten friend in a wheelchair right now- because of gun violence (yes. >> police recover dozens of handguns offer used in crime, but today perhaps prize goes to an ak-47, the weapon of choice for gangsters. >> seeing people that you love die is crazy. >> reporter: the city has recently been rocked by high-profile killings just three days ago when a man and his baby son were shot to death as she leapt in their home. >> there shouldn't be 13 years old shooting each other. so i think this gun buyback is good. >> reporter: not etches as cautious with their firearms. an officer examined this gun which turned out to be loaded. all told youth uprising gave out $10,000 for nearly 100 funds no longer around for criminals to steal or otherwise obtain. in oakland i'm john sasaki,
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ktvu howard county. the national park service says it has suspended the search for a missing woman after the body was found in sequoiqua park. she failed to return from a hike and today searchers found a body about a thousand feet above monarch lake. the national park service says it's suspending its search for daniel. according to the union high school school district, daniels works at the high school in mill reporting live in. >> the murder trial of the 69- year-old man accused being the al best the alphabet killer is coming to an end. closing arguments are on wednesday. in the north bay police were called to an accident that might have been more common a hundred years ago. this is a horse carriage eninvolved with
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th p tra k truck. petaluma police say a man was giving an 11-year-old girl a buggy ride on noon as part of a family garnering and for some reason the horse was spooked and took off running. the carriage hit a stop sign, throwing the man was driving it. >> a pick-up truck saw what was happening astopped and the horse darted in front of his truck and the car yang collided with the front-end, injuring the 11-year-old in the backseat. >> the girl had only minor injuries. the horse was caught not far way. some members of congress went reform of the national security agency to go beyond what president obama is proposing. >> i know there are people in homeland security and intelligence that say no, this is really helping and i am going it would help if you put a soldier in every home, but we don't want to give up that much of our liberty. >> the statement by republican
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louie goffmer? a. president obama began summer vacation his family. they landed in martha as you vineyard this evening for the weeklong retreat. earlier today the president went to florida to speak to disabled veterans and announced that the veteran's administration is processing their claims faster. >> after years when the backlog kept growing, finally the backlog is shrinking. in the last five months alone it's down 0% and we're turning the tide. >> the va reports the average wait time on disability claims is more than 270 days. white house announced an action plan to reduce soldier suicide and boost treatment of post tramautic stress disorder and brain injuries. a florida artist has and riddle a mural depicting the trayvon martin hooting and we warn you that the artwork is
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graphic and may be offensive to some viewers. the artist showed part of the mural in tallahassee and it's called "we are all trayvon martin." the artist says the work is to promote awareness of human is suffering. four weeks ago tonight neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman was acquitted in martin's death. a federal investigation into the shooting continues. they tried to get the word out how important it is to look before you dig. the utility says about 60 ps of recent digging accidents happened after people failed to call a free number to locate underground utility lines. well, that number is 811. and free service that will contact utilities to find out if things, such as poi or gas lines are in a digging location. >> either the contractors or homeowners start a digging project without calling us to have the lines checked. it's important to call11 to avoid damage to property and
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potential injury or even death. >> pg&e says on average an underground utility line is damaged every three minute during a digging project in the u.s. >> bicyclists will have more choices soon for traveling up and down the peninsula. a new bike share program will launch on august 28th. it will offer 70 rent yam stations along the cal train corridor from san francisco to san josi, including stations in redwood ciscoe palo alto and mountain view. it will start with 700 urban style pikes. annual memberships cost $88. a three-day pass runs $22 and a single day $9. for omore information go to the web links section at tonight's outside lands festival featured the industrial rock of nine inch nails. a special blend of live action and intense music entertained thousands fans at golden gate park of the festival's second day went smoothly with no reports from police of any major incidents. more details tomorrow's line up at the festival
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including hall and oates and then willie nesson followed by the red-hot chili pepper. the festival is sold out, but eustream offers the webcast of some of the live performances. the reason why the oakland raiders now have the smallest seating capacity in the nfl; but first we hear from a neighbor who desperately tried to save two children killed in connecticut, when a plane crashed into a house. and a sign from above? we'll tell you why people are gathering before a row of trees in california and praying. and in weather, tracking another round of low clouds and fog. coming up the temperature change you can expect in your sunday forecast and which 90-es resurface on the long-range maps. we are all reflections of the people who inspired us,
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prepared us and guided us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. . federal investigators have started to haul with a way the wreckage of that small plane
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that crashed killing those on board and two children inside a house. the crash yesterday in east haven, concept two home on fire a neighbor tried desperately to save the children, a 13-year- old girl and her 1-year-old sister. >> i immediately ran into the house and they said they were upstairs and there was a crib and disturbing, but flipped the crib over and thoroughly look at the other bed and under the bed and there was nothing. >> the pilot former microsoft executive bill henningsgaard was killed along with his teenaged is on the. the ntsb says he made contact with air-traffic control, but missed the runway but more than a mile. edee gorm yeah, a popular nightclub singer and entertainer has died. gorme died today in las vegas, the cause of death was not released. gorme and her husband steve
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lawrence performed together. he released a statement saying thateed'deedee that eydie was his partner in life. eedi gorme today tonight at the aim of 84. on the eve of end of rammed yap, a wave of bombings killed 60 people. this year's ramadan was the most violent in five years with more than 670 people killed. much of the violence in the past six months targeting shi'ite muslims. since u.s. troops with draw from iraq 18 months ago, sunni militants have increased their violence against the shi'ite led government. more than 300 people have been evacuated nun japanese troops are assisting in rescue and recovery areas. in one area more than 10" of rain fall in 24 hours. in belfast more than 55 police
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officers were injured at a parade of irish republican army supporters yesterday. police say bricks and fireworks were thrown at the officers. they respond with water cannons and plastic bullets. no word on how many protesters were injured, but several could be seen leaving the area with bloody faces. in the central valley tonight something falling from trees outside of a catholic church is being called by some a sign from above. sign crape myrtle trees outside of st. john's cathedral in fresno are dropping or dripping some sort of liquid. some say the fluid is a sign of a miracle. >> they can say it's this theory or that theory, the tree does this every year, you know? it's odd that it happens when there is a bunch of people praying and you are asking for the holy spirit to reveal itself. >> crape aphids are likely to
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attract this and the liquid is known as honeydew. a giant panda at the taipei zoo gave birth. it's the first time a panda has been born in taipei. zookeepers are asking visitors to help pick a name, which will be announced in october. zoo officials say the public will get their first chance to see the baby panda in fern in about three months. . it's the story you saw last night on the 10:00 news. a disabled dog is in desperate need of a wheelchair after thieves made off with it today in richmond. >> tonight how one woman's tragedy is giving a partially paralyzed dog the chance to move around. >> the experiment under way to bridge the gap over two sides fighting over a piece of land. >> and a rear you can get ktvu news to go on your carolina. download the apple and watch all of our newscasts live.
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. easing tenses in the east bay, today occupy the farm protesters returned to a disputed plot of uc berkeley land, but this time it was by invitation, the university asked people to take part of an experiment at gill tract in albany. supporters say that they hope the project will help grow a better relationship between the university and the community. >> there has been a lot of tension, about the access to this land and i think this is a positive step. >> planting began today on land that has been the focus of months of dispute. 40 people are taking part in an experiment, this summer and
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fall on how to coax the largest crops from the smallest plots. >> it's the future of food production in the world is going to rely a lot on urban farming. it's the brainchild of uc professor who supports the goals of occupy the farm. >> i want the maximum amount of food for the community to eat. >> many of the demonstrators spent the day digging. >> squash, cucumbers, some kale. >> and pondering the future of the property, that they would like to see remain a farm. senior housing and the grocery store are still planned nearby. >> everybody can play within the rules here, you know? on the other side where the development is still getting green lights from the city and the university, that is another story. >> we're all grateful to be here. it's a great opportunity. it's very simple. just here to plant and show what we can do. >> i think it's going to advance the relationship between the university and the community, and this could lead
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to something very, very positive in future. >> this is a research project that will last for the next four months. >> provers outside of the main berkeley post office had a message to those who want to sell that historic building. >> we shall not be moved. >> about two dozen demonstrators have been camping out at post office op austin way now for nearly two weeks, trying to halt the sale of the building including a depression-era mural. >> they are trying to sell this off because it's an historic building with a lot of value in a downtown area. big money. >> the postal service says it doesn't need the whole space, but hopes to rent back part of the building to keeps a post office. embattled san diego mayor bob philner left in-patient therapy a week early while cries for
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his resignation grow louder. filler's tomorrow release ared a state saying, "that the mayor was out of in-patient therapy, but would take another week off as he continue outpatient therapy." the entire city council has called on filner to resign. it senator boxer separate' letter saying, "you must resign because you have betrayed the trust of the women you victimize the saggeddans that you represent and the people you worked with throughout your decades many public -." so far there is no response to senate boxers letter. tonight mark one month since dev knee webb disappeared after the father left her in a car with his mother. family ebb members have set up a website to find
10:33 pm and passed out fliers. no suspects have been arrested. >> a story you will only see on 2. we have a happy follow-up to i story we first brought you last night about a partially paralyzed dog whose wheelchair was stolen in richmond. good samaritan sandra gordon of san francisco donated a doggy wheelchair to smoocher. gordon lost her own dog to spinal cord disease and saw our story about smoocher. >> i thought it was mason's way of saying here is what to do. so the fact that the wheels don't even need adjusting, it's just meant to be. >> gordon said mason was an incredibly special dog and she is still grateful he is still affecting people even though he is gone. >> such a nice game. you might find more raider games aired on television. >> the big cover-up could make the conference.
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a temperature change is heading to the bay area, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your weekend forecast and when the 90s will return.
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. deadly flooding in the midwest and southeast as much as 10 more inches rain fell overnight. hups of communities are affected and colorado, and tennessee and in colorado floodwaters there carried away homes and debris, destroying dozens of cars. at least one person has been killed, three others are missing and more than half a dozen buildings there were severely damaged. well, here in the bay area we can be thankful to small
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changes to our forecast. meteorologist mark tamayo. >> the only rainfall we had in the form of a tiny bit of drizzle expected once again tomorrow morning, especially along the coast and near the bay. we have been advertising a warm- up. temperatures ranged from the 60s in pacifica, lots of 80s around the bay, inland the warmest locations in the low to mid-80s and right now on the map, the fog regrouping and already lots of overcast from san josi and parts san francisco outside towards hayward, san mateo and oakland. wind speeds, winds still out of the southwest in fairfield, 25 miles per hour, gusty winds there, oakland the airport reporting winds out west at 14 miles per hour. and some more observations for you, sfo same day, windows at 14 miles per hour. our time-lapse from this evening, the oakland estuary and you notice the trend, low clouds and fog on the increase. the marine layer exesing and that is a sign we'll warm hinges up, but a real warming
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moves into the region monday and tuesday. no major heat waves, just a minor dale. tonight partly cloudy skies and coastal fog pushing back in into the bay. tomorrow, the extended forecast does feature a warm trend and we're talking about 90s making a comeback for the warmest locations inland. first thing tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy and patchy fog and wet roadways highway 1 and around the bay to start out your sunday morning. this area of low pressure, i have been pointing at this system for the past 5-7 days is beginning to move up. as it does, we'll warp up as high pressure returns. tomorrow morning fog clearing back to near the shoreline. temperatures inland, beaches mostly in the 60s. here is your forecast model. we'll take this into tomorrow morning. the overcast near the coast, around the bay, partly cloudy skies inland and into the afternoon hours, clouds pull
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back to near the shoreline. so still patchy colt coastal fog. temperatures tomorrow, santa rosa, 80 degrees, around the rim of the bay, we're thinking 70s for oakland, san leashed and hayward and there you go with the 80s in antioch and brentwood. san francisco, partly cloudy for the afternoon hours and for day 3 outside land, you can see temperature on the cool side. that has been a constant theme, upper 50s to lower 60s throughout the day and into the evening hours. look ahead your five-day forecast, temperatures trending upwards, warmest locations wednesday into thursday. a little bit of a warm-up in the bay area. but if you are heading to outside lands you want to bundle up to see hall and oates out. there. >> a little chilly. >> yes. >> thank you, mash. there was a bit of trauma in oakland today as the annual dragon boat festival got underway. crews from california and
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oregon are taking part in 6 age categories. the race teams compete for the right to go to the regional world club crew championship in italy next year. two-day event wraps up with more racing tomorrow. the oakland raiders now have the smallest seating capacity of any nfl team, thanks to a giant tarp covering about 11,000 seats at the coliseum. that means that the raiders need to sell fewer ticks to prevent their games from being blacked on tv. with the tarp, the seating capacity is just around 53,000. >> from the raiders to the 49ers the teams sent out an historic tweet announcing they had their last practice at the candlestick park. they are heading to a new
10:41 pm
statement in santa clara next. toronto om becomes a launching pad as the they blast home runs. >> one of the rarest plays in baseball catches a player off- guard in a rather embarrassing moment. sportswrap with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. the oakland a's and texas rangers going blow for blow at top of the american league west and tonight the rangers have jumped ahead by a game, that due in part by what the a's did tonight in toronto. gray getting a big hello from
10:44 pm
the j's bautista. just a half of inning, it was all tied josh reddick had three home runs last night and hit this shot off burley, adding to his total with 2-2. bottom of the 2nd, jays go deep again and josi reyes finds the right field seats. they were down 5-3 in the 9th when redick hits another shot that hugs the right field line, five homers in five days, an athletic feat only achieved by mark mcgwire. toronto with the 5-4 win. these days it's about praying for pride for the giants. they have a little less than two months to at least show a
10:45 pm
semblance of the a.m. that wop last year's world series. baltimore orioles scratch one out against chad gaudin and the giants batted in theth, marco scutaro with a single off chin. that stores torres. crooked number inning, not a giant's strong suit this year, but they managed to put one together. hunter pepsi came to the plate with two how abouts and based loaded. pence goes to 2nd with the two-run double. the giants get 3 in the inning for the 3-1 the lead. it stayed that way until the 8th, other's chris davis haserned the attention of the entire league with his power hitting this year. davis gets hold of a casilla pitch, and 3-2 game, the orioles proceeded to put runners at 1 and 3rd


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